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Degree: AS - Marine Technology (College of Oceaneering, Wilmington, CA)



  • Warner Bros Animation

  • Walt Disney Animation

  • Nickelodeon

  • Laika

  • Pixar

  • DreamWorks Television

  • Sony Television

  • Cartoon Network

  • Hanna Barbera

  • MGM

  • 20th Century Fox

  • Hasbro

  • Jim Henson Studios

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Frederick Gardner is a Production Designer & Art Director from Southern California who currently resides in sunny Dallas, Texas. In 2005, he was awarded his first Emmy for designs on the popular Cartoon Network series, The Powerpuff Girls. His second Emmy was awarded the following year for his designs on Juniper Lee.

Frederick started working in the animation industry in 1990 as an animator on the second season of The Simpsons and he continues to work at every major animation studio in Hollywood.

He owns and operates an online freelance design studio, Frederick Gardner Design, and works as a Freelance Designer and Adjunct Professor in Dallas, TX.  

Portfolio and Reel available upon request.

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